CAD Draughting

We can provide outsourced CAD draughting services to your business. We find this is a popular option for our clients due short term lack of resource to meet ever decreasing project timelines. Our in house team of experienced CAD technicians work with the latest AutoCAD software and manually produce high quality scaled AutoCAD drawings from original, scanned or paper formats. We can either use our own standard title sheets and layering system or adopt our clients own format. 

We carry out a range of CAD design and draughting from a range of original formats including: 

  • Scanned drawings in tif, jdg or pdf format
  • Drawings converted to pdf
  • Freehand dimensioned sketches and prints
  • Raster documentation

Typical examples of our CAD draughting service we offer our clients usually involves the following:

  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Site plans
  • Drawing tidy up and general red line pick up amendments
  • Spatial data to general arrangement plans
  • Assistance to Facilities Management
  • Mechanical, electrical and civil engineers drawings

We usually complete the work in house or as part of our flexible approach our team will mobilise to a location convenient for our clients.